Analytics, Evaluation, and Planning

Vaxa Bureau’s analytics, evaluation, and planning services can help you identify, understand and use your data, evaluate commercial and operational matters, and undertake detailed planning to assist deliver your strategic goals.

Our team have extensive strategic and operational experience in evaluation, planning and executing programs of significance for Government and commercial organisations across Australasia and the Indo-Pacific.

Clear direction to focus resources

Our analytics, evaluation, and planning services help government and commercial organisations in Australasia and the Indo-Pacific strategically mitigate risk, position and execute on opportunities or perceived problems while building a stronger, more engaged organisations.

Our solutions draw on current data and intelligence, offer clear direction, optimise the use of resources, improve decision-making and establishes a culture of continuous improvement.

The clarity created by our services can help focus efforts and resources on what matters most. Vaxa can also help optimise the use of resources, including time, money, and personnel while identifying the most effective strategies to achieve your objectives.

Through effective planning and facilitation, we can identify and analyse different options and assist you to make informed decisions based on data and evidence.

We can also help engage and involve key stakeholders, including staff, customers, partners, and community members. Our engagement services can lead to greater buy-in, collaboration, and innovation throughout the program to deliver tangible results.

Our solutions include:

  • Data and Business Analytics (Vaxa Analytics)
  • Commercial and Operational Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Plan Development
  • Options Assessment
  • Comparative Analysis


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