Photo of Nathan Archer

Australian Defence and Defence Industry Senior Advisor

Nathan Archer

Nathan is a business development, supply chain and logistics, strategic engagement, and national security specialist with over 25 years practical experience delivering solutions and projects within the Defence Industry and governments sectors.


Passionate in delivering successful new business, complex supply chain and logistics programs in the national security and international development environments Nathan possesses proven past performance in Defence opportunity identification, business development, opportunity shaping, Government Relations, bid and tender management and execution of successful programs; disaster and crisis management and relief operations; key stakeholder engagement with Government, and Defence Industry organisations; identification of emerging markets; planning; and strategy execution within the Asia-Pacific, US and European regions.

In managing complex pursuits including Land 125 Phase 3C, Land 200 Phase 2, Land 159 Phase 1, Land 400 Phase 2 and 3, NZDF Short-Range Weapon Sight, SEA 5011, Land 53 Phase 2, Land 555 Phase 6, Nathan has developed a very high level of expertise in developing ASDEFCON response strategies and enduring relationships with influential and key decision makers within the Government and Defence Industry.

Nathan has demonstrated experience in providing integrated and interoperable strategic solutions to Government and commercial organisations.

Nathan provides his clients with significant practical experience in business development planning and execution, with a pre-preparedness to meet planned and surge commercial and operational requirements.


Our security cleared personnel are based in Australia, the United States and India and have developed a wide range of commercial and operational solutions.


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