Photo of Paddy Hallinan

Strategic Engagement & Planning Specialist – Government

Paddy Hallinan

Paddy Hallinan is an executive consultant and advisor with the Vaxa Group where he works primarily with Defence and National Security clients providing review and advisory services and operational planning and implementation. He specialises in whole government security operations, inter-agency planning, crisis management, emergency services and operational logistics.


Paddy is a former senior commissioned offer in the Australian Armed Forced and senior executive level leader with over 40 years’ experience. His military experience was predominantly gained in command, planning and operational developments. He held representational appointments in the United States and United Kingdom and senior national representative appointments in operations in the Middle East. Paddy continues to be engaged on an ongoing based by the Australian Defence Force’s Joint Operations Headquarters. 

Paddy holds a masters of Defence Studies from the university of Canberra and a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies from Deakin University. 

Areas of speciality:

  • Strategy formulation, business rationalisation and optimisation
  • Stakeholder engagement at the senior/executive level
  • Design and implementation of supply chain and logistics programs within APAC, particularly in the Defence and security sectors
  • Program and project management of complex military efforts

Major projects delivered:

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom – Colonel Plans
  • INTERFET Operation Astute – Colonel Plans
  • Australian Federal Police contract for helicopter AME/SAR support in the Solomon Islands 2011-13


Our security cleared personnel are based in Australia, the United States and India and have developed a wide range of commercial and operational solutions.


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