Introducing Vaxa Bureau

I am thrilled to announce the creation of a new brand within Vaxa Group designed to support you with secure information, products and services to advance your organisation in Australasia and the Indo-Pacific.

Vaxa Bureau, encapsulates the services that our team have been providing clients for 25 years. We exist to provide analysed information, trusted products and programs and the intelligence you need to advance your knowledge and understanding of the strategic circumstances and their impact on your commercial and operational decisions. Our team works with you to improve your systems and help you make timely and better decisions, supporting you in gaining a competitive edge.

Part of Vaxa Group

As a division of Vaxa Group, we combine our services with experts in data analytics, and software development to help you identify, analyse, strategise, and grow.

Understand today; Be prepared for tomorrow

Vaxa Bureau provides our clients access to innovative products and services and an ecosystem of premium, current, and analysed intelligence. We offer the best industry minds across Australasia and the Indo-Pacific: a living library of innovative products, and current, extensive analysed research on matters of importance. Our solutions have been created to help our clients understand today and provide you with a competitive edge for tomorrow.

Our personnel consists of experienced national security (Defence, Police, and Home Affairs) personnel, trade commissioners, diplomats, risk specialists, engineers, subject matter experts, analysts, operatives and technicians. Based in Australia, the United States, India and throughout the region, we provide strategic solutions for government and national security, health, infrastructure, critical mineral and energy, supply chain and logistics organisations across Australasia and the wider Indo-Pacific which optimise interoperable outcomes.

We encapsulate human, open source, AI and other forms of intelligence plus sophisticated data analytics, blending them with our extensive experience to deliver programs of significance for clients across the region. We employ the most secure, accredited technology which meets ITAR, FEDRAMP, IRAP, CCMP, and HIPAA requirements, providing you with security and peace of mind. Read more about our client work, experience and capabilities here.

How can we help you?

Working with us will provide you access to unique support solutions, programs and services including:

Advisory Services

  • Strategic Advice and Concept Development
  • Strategic Engagement and Trade Facilitation
  • Analytics, Evaluation, and Planning

Solution Design

  • Simulation, Training and Curriculum Development
  • Network Design

Program Delivery

  • Program Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Our many examples of successful client stories provide evidence of our reliability as advisors from the conceptualisation and planning of projects to the execution and delivery of large-scale complex projects in critical industries.

Vaxa Bureau Australasian and Indo-Pacific Intelligence

Paddy Hallinan, Strategic Engagement and Planning Specialist

A former senior military officer and graduate of the Macquarie University’s Strategic Manager’s Program and the Australian College of Defence and Strategic Studies, Paddy possesses extensive military and commercial experience with a focus on strategy and operations across public and private portfolios including the inter-agency domain for whole of government activities.

Paddy is still heavily engaged in the Australasian and Indo-Pacific region, directly supporting strategic-level Australian Defence and allied partner engagements that are influenced and/or dependant upon understanding the geo-strategic circumstances and associated challenges in play.

Paddy recently facilitated the Australian Government hosted QUAD Counter Terrorism Work Stream meeting in Sydney that included representatives up to Ambassador level from Australia, the United States, Japan and India. This was a Vaxa contracted effort to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Vaxa Bureau USA

Capt. Matt Ort USN (Ret), Vaxa Bureau (USA) – Managing Director

Vaxa’s presence in the United States provides our clients and members with a distinct advantage. CAPT Matt Ort, USN, Ret. is the most recent United States Naval Attache to Australia. Matt played a pivotal role in the design of AUKUS and the QUAD.

His access to US and Australian companies and defence, and knowledge of matters of importance regarding AUKUS, the QUAD, regional national security and commercial affairs provide invaluable insights on not only what is happening now, but in the near and long-term future to help you position for success.

Vaxa Bureau India

Rashmi Rai, Vaxa Bureau (India) – Partner

As the region looks to diversify trade opportunities, the emerging powerhouse of India, one of Australia’s QUAD partners, provides opportunities for Australian businesses to maximise opportunities through the Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), which is expected to blossom into a Free Trade Agreement by the end of 2023.

Rashmi Rai, Vaxa Bureau India’s Lead Partner, offers our clients the opportunity to understand the basic character of India, along with the near and long-term opportunities to undertake business and trade between India, Australia, the US, and other nations within our region.

India is the obvious ‘alternative’ to the regional trade and security question, but also clearly addresses trade and business ‘dependency’ risks that were exposed through COVID-19. Trade routes and lines of communication are becoming more central in people’s thinking about how governments address needs and opportunities in a more contested and congested regional environment.

Vaxa Vault: Encrypted and secure file sharing and data management

Powered by Cocoon Data, Vaxa Vault is our secure file and data management platform. The data we share is protected end-to-end at the individual file level and meets regulated document requirements for government (AES256 encryption), defence, healthcare, education, and other needs.

“The professionalism and dedication you have shown across a broad range of unexpected requests, primarily at short notice during Talisman Sabre can only be described as superb.”

CMDR G. Savvakis, Commanding Officer HMAS Moreton

Your invitation for a free 30 minute consultation

We invite you to a free 30-minute consultation with a Vaxa Bureau expert in your area of operation. This serves as an introduction to our business and an opportunity for us to explore potential avenues for your organisation over coming years.

Register here and one of our experts will be in touch.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me at [email protected] for more information.

We look forward to helping you advance your career, organisation, and sector by providing you with our central intelligence hub and access to innovative technology.

Vaxa Bureau – Intelligence; Optimised.