Chorus – Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics

Chorus is your complete ecosystem for critical procurement, contract management, supply chain and logistics needs.

Integrated in one simple platform, Chorus handles the entire process from procurement through to delivery in full, solving problems including data integrity, visibility on program fidelity, painful revenue leakage and management of contract issues.

Streamline procurement processes

Traditionally, procurement processes are reactive and time-consuming. Between drafting commercial contracts, agreeing to the terms and conditions, seeking quotes from numerous suppliers – then drafting and agreeing to separate terms and conditions with each of them, managing payments to and from multiple stakeholders, manually seeking and storing the required accreditations and insurances from various stakeholders, managing the milestones in the head contract, and ensuring sub-contractor meets their milestones in service delivery, the process is messy and can easily fall apart.

An end-to end solution

Chorus builds on more than 25 years of on the ground experience to create a seamless and complete end-to-end solution for both the customer and the service delivery team.

With Chorus you can:

  • Design the procurement strategy, needs analysis, and framework where end user needs, milestones, pricing and terms and conditions are mutually agreed upon.
  • View providers solutions, products, services, pricing, accreditation, licenses and insurances.
  • Manage contracts, including milestones and variations.
  • Manage payments through a consolidated payment gateway that includes invoicing and finance options.


Access unique support solutions, programs and services, delivered by a trusted network of highly experienced professionals.


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