Secure, Encrypted File and Data Sharing Platform

Your data is valuable. With an ever increasing threat of cybercrime, we have optimised our systems for your protection with the support of Cocoon Data.

Using encrypted and secure file sharing and data management through Vaxa Vault, our data is protected end-to-end at the individual file level and meets regulated document requirements for government, defence, healthcare, education, and other business needs. Vaxa Vault uses AES-256 encryption and decryption for Identity, Credential, and Access Management controls for users, devices, and systems.

Our product is ISO 27001, ITAR compliant, DFARS 7012 compliant, NIST 800 171, FIPS 140 2 validated cryptographic module, and FedRAMP authorised to allow for Cyber Safe Data Compliant Collaboration. In addition, Vaxa Bureau adheres to national standards with our programs delivered in line with the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), ISO 9001 and ISO 9100.

Vaxa Vault

Conceived for military and intelligence communities, the Vaxa Vault work across existing cloud infrastructure to empower customers to store and transfer sensitive data. Our platform supports critical industries to share data under the world’s most stringent compliance environments with unrivalled security for identity, policy, and unique encryption keys.


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