Simulation, Training and Curriculum Development

Vaxa Bureau is the preeminent source of innovative, cost-effective training products and curriculum development services for national security organisations, defence industry, and critical infrastructure and equipment operators.

Our experienced team of former national security and infrastructure designers and operators transform complicated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manuals into training and curriculum programs that allow for a smooth introduction to service.

While end users are often consulted on specifications during procurement and building of a product or program, the development of a curriculum covering how to operate and maintain it is often overlooked until it is ready for use by the client. This creates gaps in program delivery, budget and delays in introduction to service.

Simulation, Training and Curriculum development for effective operation and maintenance

Developed by an expert team of former national security personnel and infrastructure designers and operators, our integrated simulation, training and curriculum development services deliver a comprehensive range of innovative, cost-effective  products and services designed to meet the needs and objectives for critical infrastructure operators, equipment manufacturers, national security capability managers and procurement organisations.
Our instructional designers have decades of experience using the ISD/SAT and PADDIE instructional design models and expertise in developing course materials, including rapidly staffing project personnel with required documentation.

Through early engagement, and a focus on quality design and supportive learning strategies, we deliver successful training programs that enhance workforce capability, and help to realise actual cost savings in the short and long term.

Service inclusions

  • We can provide a curriculum package or training tailored to your needs incorporating a range of the following inclusions:
  • Scenario-based training, including 3D modelling, gaming and augmented or virtual reality.
  • Software development, including mobile and web-based application development.
  • Training analysis and development, including front end analysis.
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction (Levels 1–4)
  • SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5 Compliance
  • Program and project management, including administration, systems management and cybersecurity support.
  • Production services, including content conversion, 3-D graphics and animations, video production and digital audio narration.
  • Electronic classroom and learning facilitation and Resource Centre configuration.


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