Inside the Critical Minerals Boom

This episode is all about critical minerals! Discover why Australia is at the forefront of the critical minerals industry and how these resources are shaping the future of technology and clean energy.

Join our talk with Dave Fraser, founder and executive chairman of RZ Resources. In this episode, Dave Fraser shares the journey of RZ Resources, from its inception to becoming a key player in the mining and processing of critical minerals. Learn about the strategic importance of minerals like titanium, zircon, and rare earth elements, and their applications in everyday products and advanced technologies.


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Discover the Importance of Critical Minerals in Modern Industries

Explore how critical minerals are vital for aerospace, defence, and clean energy sectors. Dave Fraser sheds light on the significance of titanium in aerospace and its reliance by companies like Boeing, as well as the everyday uses of zircon in items like tiles and cups. You’ll be amazed to learn how titanium dioxide is found in toothpaste, paint, and even in the coating of Mentos.

Australia’s critical minerals are also crucial for producing electric vehicles, mobile phones, and wind turbines. Dave highlights the importance of sustainable mining practices and the environmental benefits of processing minerals locally.

Whether you’re an industry professional, a potential investor, or just curious about the future of critical minerals, this conversation is packed with valuable insights and information. Don’t miss this chance to understand Australia’s pivotal role in the global critical minerals market.


  • Introduction to Dave Fraser and RZ Resources
  • Australian Critical Minerals: A Global Necessity
  • Geopolitical Impact on Supply Chains
  • Titanium: The Backbone of Aerospace
  • Everyday Uses of Zircon
  • Sustainable Mining: RZ Resources’ Practices
  • Government Support and Industry Collaboration
  • Future Plans: Innovation and RZ Resources
  • Clean Energy: The Role of Critical Minerals
  • Closing Thoughts: The Future of Critical Minerals

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Australia’s Critical Minerals

Australia’s role in the global critical minerals market is set to expand, driven by its rich natural resources and commitment to sustainable practices. As the world moves towards cleaner energy and advanced technologies, the importance of secure and stable supply chains for critical minerals like titanium and zircon cannot be overstated. The strategic partnerships and local processing capabilities developed by Australian companies ensure that the country remains a key player in this vital sector, contributing to a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

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