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As part of the Vaxa Group, established in 2014, Vaxa Bureau provides secure access to unique products and services to help you be ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.

About Vaxa Bureau

Vaxa Bureau helps leaders in critical industries advance their knowledge, improve their systems, and make better decisions to gain an edge over the competition in an everchanging, volatile region.

We understand the intrinsic mission-ready requirements of assets, services and programs for government and civilian clients, to meet planned and reactive programs in urban and austere regions.

As experienced professionals with a proven track record in developing and delivering integrated complex solutions for the public, NGO and private sectors, Vaxa Bureau works collaboratively with our clients as trusted advisors from the earliest phase of projects to the implementation and delivery of large-scale complex programs.

Our Team

Our security cleared personnel are based in Australia, the United States and India and have developed commercial and operational solutions for government and national security, health, food and agribusiness, infrastructure, energy, transport agencies and companies across Australasia and the wider Indo-Pacific.

Our team bring a wealth of blended experience from commerce, trade, manufacturing, defence, logistics, government and stakeholder relations.

Meet our team

“The Vaxa Group is our most trusted and reliable long-term partner and service provider. In 2022/23, Vaxa was instrumental in assisting us being awarded a multi-year, multi base contract with the Australian Defence Force.

“Specifically, Vaxa assisted us in identifying the opportunity with the Department of Defence, providing our response strategy and assisting with crafting it, and providing the program management for the complex Transition In phase.

“This unique program allows us to provide meaningful, paid employment opportunities to our people giving them newfound skills and confidence and it goes to the heart of our purpose.

“Winning this contract was a huge endorsement of the work we do with our clients and has further strengthened our ties with the Australian Defence Force.

“Vaxa Group are big sky thinkers, with a knack for finding the synergies between seemingly disparate organisations.

“We continue to be delighted with the services the Vaxa Group extend and look forward to discovering continued opportunities with them.”

Executive General Manager National Tier 1 For Purpose Organisation

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