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Advancing Australasian and the Indo-Pacific’s key sectors

With a demonstrated history of creating and providing integrated complex solutions for the public, NGO and private sectors, Vaxa Bureau are reliable advisors from the start of projects to the execution and delivery of large-scale complex projects in critical industries:

National Security

Energy & Critical Minerals

Food and Agribusiness

Logistics and Supply Chain




Stay up to date with what’s happening across critical sectors operating within Australasia and the Indo-Pacific. The SITREP provides insights and intelligence from our trusted network of industry minds.

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11 June 2024

#7 Mastering Military Supply Chains: Insights from the Experts | Nathan Archer

Military supply chains are the backbone of modern defence operations, ensuring that troops have the necessary equipment and supplies to operate effectively. In this episode, Nathan Archer, a renowned expert in military logistics, shares his extensive knowledge on how advanced logistics, technological innovations, and strategic planning are revolutionising military supply chains.

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4 June 2024

#6 How Food Security Shapes National Security in Indo-Pacific | John Reeve

Dive into the world of agricultural commodities with us as we explore “Secure Food, Secure Nation” featuring the renowned John Reeve, Director of AgRee Commodities Pty Ltd. In this episode, we delve deep into the critical role of agricultural commodities in global trade and national security. John Reeve, with his extensive experience in agri trade, risk management, and finance, guides us through the intricacies of the agri commodities market. Discover the challenges and opportunities that shape this vital industry and gain insights into the future of agricultural technology.

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29 May 2024

#5 How to Transform Local Government with Data, Digitalisation, and IoT? | Pete McCrystal

Local governments are under pressure to deliver better services with limited resources. Digitalisation and IoT offer solutions to these challenges by improving data management and operational efficiency. In this episode, we dive into how these technologies are transforming local governments, featuring expert insights from Pete McCrystal. Learn how smart solutions can make your community more responsive and efficient.

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“The professionalism and dedication you have shown to all aspects of maritime logistics across a broad range of unexpected requests, primarily at short notice during Talisman Sabre can only be described as superb.”

CMDR G. Savvakis Commanding Officer, HMAS Moreton


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